All types of malware are being propagated through many different attack vectors today, including trusted websites, and the problem is only getting worse.  Let our computer security experts scan your system and remove any spyware, adware, rogue software, scareware, ransomware, virus, trojans, or worms.  Rogue software is a fairly new malware type and it mascarades as a real antivirus program and will usually tell you that you are infected and that you need to purchase this program to remove the infections.

Do you have a Virus?

Are you infested with pop-up ads, new toolbars in your browser, is your home page changed or are you bombarded with irritating spam? Perhaps your computer is running very slow or worst, you can't get on the internet. If so, your PC is most likely infected with adware, anti adware, spyware, spybot, trojans, viruses or another internet parasite.


Viruses won't go away anytime soon! More than 60,000 viruses have been identified, and new viruses are created every day, according to the International Computer Security Association. 

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